We make things for people

Datenstrom Sweden

Useful and beautiful things

We think people should be in the centre. Machines should support you. That's why we have three guidelines. Good products are made for people. Good products are useful in function and aesthetic. Good products are simple to use and adjust.

Datenstrom Yellow is for people who make small websites.

A small website by Adam Engel from Sweden. A small website by Arnaud Lemorillon from France. A small website by David Hall from England. A small website by Giovanni Salmeri from Italy. A small website by Philipp Thapa from Germany. A small design blog by Nocturne Nebula from USA. A small tech blog by Zitong from China. A small tech blog by Christoph Schröder from Germany. A small tech blog by Omar Romero from USA.

For people and machines

Datenstrom is a software maker from Sweden. We think machines should adjust to your everyday life. They should make your work more enjoyable. That's why we are interested in what you want to do. Tell us about your ideas. Contact a human.