We make applications for people

Datenstrom Sweden

With fewer features

Use applications with fewer features. With fewer distractions. With as little as possible. Whenever a small solution handles 90% and a big solution handles 100%, then it's worth to reconsider the additional effort. Sometimes small solutions are better. Make small websites.

A small website by Adam Engel from Sweden. A small website by Arnaud Lemorillon from France. A small website by Tomonori Ikeda from Japan. A small website by Nocturne Nebula from USA. A group of people working together. Photo: Lala Azizli A small website by Jiří Reiter from Czechia. A small website by Omar Romero from USA. A small website by Filosofia TorVergata from Italy. A small website by Steffen Schultz from Germany.

With fewer problems

Work with us, ask questions and report bugs. We are interested in what you want to do and which problems you have. The more we know the better we can help. Our community is a place to help each other. Where you can ask and answer questions. See contributing guidelines.

Tell us what you need

Describe what is important to you and what would make your life easier. We have three guidelines for our products. Technology is useful in function and aesthetic. Technology is simple to use and customise. Technology is made for people. Give product feedback.