For people who make small websites

Datenstrom Yellow

Fun to use

Edit your website in a web browser. Log in with your user account. You can use the normal navigation, make some changes and see the result immediately. It is a great way to update your website. No database, no admin panel. Datenstrom Yellow doesn't get in your way. Try the demo.

Just files and folders

Edit your website in a text editor. Create small web pages, wikis and blogs. You can use your favorite text editor and change everything on your computer. Convenient for developers, designers and translators. Datenstrom Yellow is open source software. See the API for developers.

Installed in a few minutes

Installing is unzipping one file and you are ready to go. Your website is immediately available. The most important things for small websites are included. You can add features, languages and themes. Datenstrom Yellow is quickly installed. Get started and get extensions.


  • Example for text and images
  • Example for image gallery with slider
  • Example for image gallery with popup
  • Example for files for download
  • Example for embedded video

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