Markdown cheat sheet

Markdown is a practical way to edit web pages.


Formatting text:

Normal **bold** *italic* ~~strikethrough~~ `code`

Making a list:

* item one
* item two
* item three

Making an ordered list:

1. item one
2. item two
3. item three

Making a task list:

- [x] item one
- [ ] item two
- [ ] item three

Making a heading:

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3

Making quotes:

> Quote
>> Quote of a quote
>>> Quote of a quote of a quote

Making links:

[Link to page](/help/how-to-make-a-website)
[Link to file](/media/downloads/yellow.pdf)
[Link to website](

Adding an image:

[image picture.jpg]
[image picture.jpg Picture]
[image picture.jpg "This is an example image"]

Adding an image, alternative format:

![image](picture.jpg "Picture")
![image](picture.jpg "This is an example image")


Making tables:

| Coffee     | Milk | Strength |
| Espresso   | no   | strong   |
| Macchiato  | yes  | medium   |
| Cappuccino | yes  | weak     |

Making footnotes:

Text with a footnote[^1] and some more footnotes.[^2] [^3]

[^1]: Here's the first footnote
[^2]: Here's the second footnote
[^3]: Here's the third footnote

Showing source code:

Source code will be shown unchanged.
function onLoad($yellow) {
    $this->yellow = $yellow;

Making paragraphs:

Here's the first paragraph. Text can span over several lines
and can be separated by a blank line from the next paragraph.

Here's the second paragraph.

Making line breaks:

Here's the first line⋅⋅
Here's the second line⋅⋅
Here's the third line⋅⋅

Spaces at the end of the line are shown with dots (⋅)

Making notices:

! Here's a notice with warning

!! Here's a notice with error

!!! Here's a notice with tip

Using CSS:

! {.class}
! Here's a notice with custom class.
! Text can span over several lines
! and contain Markdown formatting.

Using HTML:

<strong>Text with HTML</strong> can be used optionally.
<a href="" target="_blank">Open link in new tab</a>.


[image picture.jpg Picture - 50%] = add image thumbnail
[gallery photo.*jpg - 20%] = add image gallery
[slider photo.*jpg] = add image gallery with slider
[youtube fhs55HEl-Gc] = embed Youtube video
[soundcloud 101175715] = embed Soundcloud audio
[twitter datenstromse] = embed Twitter messages
[instagram BISN9ngjV2-] = embed Instagram photo
[googlecalendar en.swedish#holiday] = embed Google calendar
[googlemap Stockholm] = embed Google map
[blogchanges /blog/] = show latest blog pages
[wikichanges /wiki/] = show latest wiki pages
[fa fa-envelope-o] = show icons and symbols
[ea ea-smile] = show emoji and colorful images
[yellow] = show website version
[edit] = edit website in web browser
[toc] = show table of contents
[--more--] = add page break


Title = page title
TitleContent = page title shown in content
TitleNavigation = page title shown in navigation
TitleHeader = page title shown in web browser
TitleSlug = page title used for saving the page
Description = page description
Author = page author(s), comma separated
Email = email of page author
Language = page language
Layout = page layout
LayoutNew = page layout for creating a new page
Theme = page theme
Parser = page parser
Status = status for workflow
Image = page image
ImageAlt = alternative text for page image
Modified = page modification date, YYYY-MM-DD format
Published = page publication date, YYYY-MM-DD format
Tag = page tag(s) for categorisation, comma separated
Redirect = redirect to a new page or URL