Adjusting content

All content is located in the content folder. You can edit your website here.

├── content
│   ├── 1-home
│   └── shared
├── media
└── system

The content folders are available on your website. Every folder has a file called You can also add more files and folders. Basically, what you see in the file manager is the website you get.

Files and folders

The navigation is automatically created from your content folders:

  1. Folders can have a numerical prefix, e.g. 1-home or 9-about
  2. Files can have a numerical prefix, e.g.
  3. Files and folders without a prefix have no special meaning

Prefix and suffix are removed from the location, so that it looks better. For example the folder content/9-about/ is available on your website as http://website/about/. The file content/9-about/ becomes http://website/about/privacy.

There are two exception. The home folder must not contain subfolders, because it's responsible for the home page and available on your website as http://website/. The shared folder may only be included in other pages, it's not available on your website.


You can use Markdown to edit web pages. Open the file content/1-home/ in your favorite text editor. You'll see settings and text of the page. You can change Title and other settings at the top of a page. Here's an example:

Title: Home
TitleContent: Your website works!
[image photo.jpg Example rounded]

[edit - You can edit this page]. 
The help gives you more information about how to create small web pages, blogs and wikis. 
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Formatting text:

Normal **bold** *italic* ~~strikethrough~~ `code`

Making a list:

* item one
* item two
* item three

Do you have questions? Get help and contribute.